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202-DDG-02RKC Right Weigh Load Scale Kit


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202-DDG-02RKC Right Weigh Load Scale Kit is designed for interior installation on tractors or trailers with a tandem axle air suspension with TWO height control valves. Kit contains items pictured.
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202-DDG-02RKC Right Weigh Load Scale Kit

202-DDG-02RKC Right Weigh Load Scale Kit


The Right Weigh 202-DDG-02 digital load scale has two internal air pressure sensors. This scale will monitor one air suspension single, tandem, or tridem axle group with two Height Control Valves (HCVs) or two axle groups that have one HCV each. The 202-DDG-02RKC is designed for interior installation and provides reliable on-the-ground axle weight measurement with clear readings displayed on its digital touchscreen LCD gauge.

202-DDG-02RKC Specs:

  • Includes (1) 201-SK and (1) 301-QDK Installation Kits
  • Contains all parts that should be needed to monitor weight on truck and trailer, depending upon height control valve configuration.
  • Steering Axle Weight Measurement: Estimated
  • Max Height Control Valves: 2
  • Max Axle Groups Monitored: 2
  • Max Axles / Axle Group: 3
  • Color: Chrome
  • Mounting: Interior
  • Mounting Type: In-Dash
  • Bluetooth: No
  • MFG Warranty: 3 Years
  • Installation-Operation-Calibration Manual: 202-DDG-02RKC

Technical Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: -4° F to +185° F (-20° C to +85° C)
  • Storage Temperature: -4° F to +185° F (-20° C to +85° C)
  • Power Requirement: 9 VDC to 32 VDC (Switched)
  • Units: Pounds (LBS) or Kilograms (KG)
  • Housing: ABS/PC Blend
  • Display: Capacitative Touch

General Information about Right Weigh Interior Digital Load Scales

Our interior digital load scales are our most versatile gauges. The 202-DDG-XXX scale can come with up to four air inputs that can monitor up to four separate axle groups or a combination of axle groups where some axle groups are monitored by two height control valves. With just one gauge mounted in the cab, you can monitor several axle group combinations on almost any dedicated truck and trailer set by using a quick disconnect air-line between each vehicle.

For a truck and trailer set that has one height control valve on the drive axles and one height control valve on the trailer axles, use a gauge with two air inputs. For a truck and trailer set that has two height control valves on the drive axles and one height control valve on the trailer, use a gauge with three air inputs. For a dedicated B-Train that has two height control valves on the drive axle and one height control valve on each of the trailer axle groups, use a gauge with 4 air inputs. The estimated steer feature and weight values for the entire truck and trailer set can also be displayed. Extra features include a PIN lock out code, multiple language selection, easy to use touch screen, and adjustable back light.

Help and additional information can be found on the Right Weigh Load Scales Website.


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Right Weigh’s 202-DDG-02RKC Interior Digital load scale kit has two internal air sensors and is designed for monitoring two height control valves (HCV’s). This can be either a dual HCV tractor, or a single HCV tractor with a single HCV trailer. On the display, you can setup an Estimated Steer Axle, Drive, and Trailer A, depending on your configuration – as long as your truck and trailer consists of a total of 2 height control valves. After both an empty and loaded calibration has been performed at a certified ground scale for all axle groups attached, the gauge will reliably display the on-the-ground axle group weight in pounds or kilograms. When properly calibrated and used, Right Weigh’s on-board load scales are the most valuable tools available for maintaining safe and legal axle weights. Corresponding air line installation kits Included Touchscreen LCD display On-the-ground axle group weight is displayed in pounds or kilograms Utilizes a simple two-point (empty & loaded) calibration process which makes it more accurate than a standard analog gauge Can calculate an estimated steer axle weight from drive axle suspension data Programmable 6-digit PIN code can be activated to prevent calibration tampering Includes air line installation kits.


Right Weigh Load Scales

Dsuban Spring is a proud distributor of Right Weigh Load Scales, who provides reliable load scale systems for the commercial transportation industry. If there is a number you are interested in but is not on our website, please call or email us and we will get you a price. Right Weigh Load Scales Catalog 2020 Right Weigh Load Scales Catalog 2021
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