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About Us at Dsuban Spring Service and Dsuban.com.

John Dsuban Spring Service started in a two bay garage on Duff Drive in 1988.

5225 Duff Drive

Family Owned and operated, we specialize in all types of Heavy Duty and Recreational Vehicle repair and parts since 1988 including Suspension, Drive Train, Alignment, Wheel Balance, Brake, Paint and Body. We do Oil Changes and Preventative Maintenance Too!

As you can see on this page, We are a Brick and Mortar Store with a physical location and contact references. Look at the other sites that you may buy items on. Do they list an address? Do they show the building that they are in, or are they in an unknown place so that if there is a problem, you cannot find them? We have been in business since 1988 and continue to give great service to our customers. You can find Truck Equipment and Parts in Cincinnati, but nothing like the service you will receive at Dsuban Spring Service.

The business started with three employees which were John Dsuban, daughter Teri Dickerscheid and son-in-law Rich Dickerscheid. Our first job was replacing an air spring on the rear of a tractor, air ride being the cutting edge of suspension design at that time for a price of $30.00 labor. A couple of years later, John’s son Tony Dsuban graduated high school and joined the crew, and the business has been growing since. Tony and Teri now own the business and employ over 25 people including their children, and the core of this family owned business are still here doing what they do best.

In 1994 we moved into our new building in which we are currently located on Duff Drive in Cincinnati, Ohio.

New Building

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