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Authorize.net and Dsuban.com Security Measures

It’s important to prioritize security and fraud prevention when handling online transactions. The statement describes the online payment process that many e-commerce websites follow when using the services of a payment gateway like Authorize.Net.

Key points:

  1. Check out with confidence with your credit card via Authorize.Net: Customers can make payments using their credit cards with confidence through Authorize.Net. Authorize.Net is a popular payment gateway service that helps businesses process online payments securely.
  2. Your information is sent securely using encryption to Authorize.Net Servers: Dsuban.com uses encryption to protect the sensitive credit card information during transmission. Encryption ensures that the data is secure and cannot be easily intercepted or stolen.
  3. Your card information is not stored on our server: This is a crucial security measure. Storing credit card information on the website’s own servers can be risky and is discouraged by security standards.
  4. To further protect our customers, we reserve the right to verify the information submitted using measures employed by our credit card processor: Dsuban.com is committed to ensuring the legitimacy of transactions by employing verification measures, which are likely to be provided by their credit card processor. This may include checks for card authenticity and the validity of the transaction.
  5. To prevent fraudulent transactions, and refund in full and refuse any transaction that fails our fraud prevention policies: It is our intention to actively prevent and detect fraudulent transactions. We will refund the full amount and decline any transaction that doesn’t meet their established fraud prevention policies.

In summary, this statement is reassuring for customers as it underscores Dsuban.com’s commitment to the security of financial information and the prevention of fraudulent transactions during the payment process. When using online payment services, it’s essential to choose reputable providers and be cautious with your credit card information.

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