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Credit Card Errors

Problem – Error Code

(U) Issuer is not certified or has not provided encryption key

Issuer does not participate in CVV2 service, or participates but has not provided Authorize.net with the encryption keys needed to perform verification, or both.

Ask the customer is he/she can use a different payment method.

(N) AVS Mismatch

The Address Verification Service (AVS) is a tool designed by bankcard processors to assist in identifying potentially fraudulent credit card transactions. For every credit card authorization, AVS compares the billing address and ZIP code provided by the customer at the time of purchase, to the address and ZIP code on file at the card issuing bank. AVS then returns a response code indicating the results of the comparison.

Correct the billing address.

(N) CCV Mismatch

Card Code Verification (CCV) compares the three- or four-digit card code submitted in a transaction with the card code on file at the card issuing bank. Based on the results of that comparison, the bank returns a CCV response code.

Correct the CCV or CCV2 code.

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