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Item Stock Status

When you visit an item on our website, each item has an inventory status. These examples will help you undestand the different “stock status”. We upload our inventory quantity status at the end of each day and we try to be as accurate as possible, so the quantity shown on each item is close to a “live” status.

  • 8 In stock:
    • This means we have only 8 in stock and cannot be backordered due to a longer lead time. Please call us if you need more than what is shown.
  • 8 In stock (can be backordered):
    • This means you can order up to 8, which is what we have in stock. You may order more than what we have in stock and we will ship the complete order when we have them back in stock. If you need what we have in stock right away, please let us know, there may be extra shipping costs involved for the balance of the order.
  • In Stock:
    • When an item has a status of “In Stock” without a quantity, this is considered a drop ship item from the manufacturer. No worries, we work closely with our suppliers and they usually ship very quickly. When ordering items with this status, we will contact you if there is a problem or delay in order processing.
  • Available on Backorder:
    • Items showing on backorder status may or may not be in stock in our warehouse. Please call to verify status. Items ordered with this status will be shipped as soon as inventory is received, or if possible, drop shipped from the manufacturer.
  • Out of Stock:
    • Please call to check availability. We normally stock this item and is probably orderd from our supplier, or may be in processing, so it is possible we have it.

In any event there is a question, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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