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Why is my credit card being declined?

  1. Incorrect payment information is the number one reason. The billing address details and CVC code on card must match issuing bank records for your protection.
  2. Our credit card processor, Authorize.net, does not permit ordering from IP addresses outside the United States to prevent fraudulent transactions.
  3. Credit limit met. Maxing out your credit card, or reaching your card’s credit limit, is a surefire way to have your card denied.
  4. An expired or deactivated credit card. Trying to use an expired card or a deactivated account will nearly always result in having your transaction declined.
  5. There is a hold on your card. Large purchases can also become a problem when a hold is placed on your credit card. Rental car companies and hotels may put a hold on your credit card that isn’t lifted until a few days after check out, or you return the vehicle.


What to do when your card is declined?

While it’s an annoyance, in many cases, your card may be declined as a protective measure. In other cases, it can easily be solved with a phone call or by better tracking of your spending. Keep the lines of communication open, and you should enjoy uninterrupted card activity.

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